How Buying Fair Trade Jewelry Makes a Difference

Our responsibility as consumers doesn’t just end with giving money and purchasing a product. Instead, we’re responsible for the consequences of those purchases as well!  So, how do you shop responsibly?

Well, the solution is to buy products from a Fair Trade company. Buying Fair Trade jewelry should be on the top of your list because companies that are licensed with the Fair Trade label make sure the artisans in developing countries making pieces of jewelry, get fair profits.  Otherwise  they may end up getting a very small percentage of the actual profit.

Moreover, buying Fair Trade jewelry ensures that child labor wasn’t used in any step of the way to make products. Child labor is a serious problem when it comes to developing countries. By purchasing fair trade fashion jewelry, you can be guaranteed that your money is going into a business that supports its employees and isn’t involved in promoting child labor.

By purchasing fair trade jewelry, you can be satisfied knowing that the money you’ve given will go to support someone’s family and the company will produce the products only in an environmentally friendly way, without damaging wildlife.

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