Choosing the Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Depending on your face shape, there are several different options in jewelry you can choose from. Below, is a list of jewelry items for your face shape:

#1 Choker:

Great for rectangular-shaped faces-It draws all the attention to your neck and doesn’t let your neck appear further elongated.

#2 Angular Earrings:

An angular shape earring will counterbalance the oval shape of your face.

#3 Dangling Tear-drop Earrings:

These are perfect for heart-shaped faces as these give an illusion of a wide jawline.

#4 Beaded Statement Necklace:

For oval or round faces, a beaded statement necklace will look marvelous. This fashion jewelry item will give you an impression of an elongated face.

So, now that you finally know what goes well with which face shape, you can choose the best possible looks for your style. For more beautiful fashion jewelry styles, check out Unique Jewelry Company.