2020 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2020

To take your fashion to newer heights, and make heads turn wherever you go, it is time to restock your wardrobe with the latest jewelry trends of 2020. The latest fashion jewelry styles include:

  • Trendy Chain-Links

Wear them as chokers, or low-hanging pieces of linked metal, chain-Links are suitable for each look. This fashion jewelry trend works for all outfits; be it a front-open shirt, a sexy dress , a suit, a tee or casual turtleneck.

  • Eye-Catching Hoops

This spring 2020 calls for supersized hoops. Bound to make you stand out, the hoops work for all face structures. Opt for the enamel hoop earrings. Pair these extra-large hoops with delicate chain necklaces, and you are going to stun. To customize your jewelry, get your initials engraved on an enamel plate.

  • Bright Enamel Earrings

The enamel fashion jewelry trend has made a grand come back, and they are going to be the high fashion of 2020. Dot and Dash bright enamel earrings are for those who are bold and not afraid to do something different. If you also want to stand out of the crowd in 2020, get yourself bright enamel earrings.

  • Enamel Rings

Enamel rings are going to be everywhere in 2020 as this fashion jewelry item is not only super cute to look at but also looks amazing when worn. You can get your favorite enamel ring in various designs and colors

  • Glimpse of Nature

This year is all about being simple but yet bold. Whether it be the gorgeous shell earrings by or Lucite necklaces – they beautifully create a look that reinforces the phrase ‘less is more’. Lucite earrings are a special addition this spring, appearing clear from the side-view, but displaying a variety of vibrant colors when looked from the front.

  • The Single-Ear Charm

For the bold and beautiful, a single earring creates an impact which the usual matched earring set probably won’t.

  • Pearls

Pearl designs have been reinvented this spring for a more pronounced effect. Don a large pearl hoop in a single ear, or grab the innovative, knotted pearl necklace. Pearls are not going out of fashion any time soon.

Now that you are equipped with knowledge of the  fashion jewelry trends for 2020,

Time for a shopping spree!